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Oxford University Theatre Technicians and Designers

Simpkins Lee Theatre

Theatre Simpkins Lee Theatre
Location Simpkins Lee Theatre Lady Margaret Hall, Norham Gardens, Oxford OX2 6QA
Capacity End-on capacity: 136
Specification Simpkins Lee Theatre Specification(2012)
Diagram Simpkins Lee Theatre Stage Diagram


The Simpkins Lee Theatre is located within Lady Magaret Hall, and has a maximum capacity of 136. This venue is closer to the O'Reilly in scale, but is similar to the BT Studio technically. The theatre puts on an average of two shows a term; bids are due in the Friday of 6th Week of the previous term, with bid meetings in 7th.

Lighting & Sound

Lighting control is provided by a 48 channel Zero 88 Jester desk, with a Soundcraft LX711 16 channel mixer for sound. Some tie lines are provided to the stage, and there is also a screen and projector in place. There are 4 standard TechPro beltpacks for comms.


JE 29/06/13