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Oxford University Theatre Technicians and Designers


The Props Store

There is a collection of props available for university drama productions. Please read this information carefully if you would like to borrow props.

The props store is located in the Old Observatory in the Science Park of Parks Road. The entrance is up a ramp at the back of the building.

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Opening Times

The prop store will be open at the following hours during term (1st Week to 8th Week):

Alterations to these times are usually posted on the TAFF mailing list in the case of the prop store managers being otherwise engaged. If it is particularly important that you need to access the store at these times, such as hiring a van to move props, you should email the managers to confirm that they'll be there.

If anyone borrows a large prop, such as sofa, desk etc, that cannot be reasonably stored over the weekend, or another company has reserved a prop for the following week the store can be opened after the show's get out on Saturday night, after arrangement with the managers.

If you are unable to attend the scheduled browsing time and need to hire props at another time, the props store managers must be contacted with at least 48 hours notice to arrange a mutually convenient time and there will be a £10 charge, with all call outs being at the discretion of the manager. 


There will be a cost associated with using props from the store. Any large props, such as sofas and desks will cost £5 per week. Smaller props will cost between £1 and £5 per week. (For companies hiring a lot of props a discount may be given at the discretion of the prop store manager). A security deposit will also be taken, which will be repaid once the props have been returned. Companies are required to bring enough CASH to cover the cost of the prop hire and security deposit or they will not be allowed to take props. When hiring for balls and films, contact the managers for more information on deposits and reservations.

If a company or individual does not abide by the Terms of Hire when hiring from the store, the managers may choose to retain the full security deposit or may charge additional fees.

If you would like to reserve an item, or have any other questions, please contact the Props Store Manager.