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Cookies and Privacy Policy

Image: A typical TAFF member during a get in


At the moment, the only cookie stored by this website, on your device, is a session cookie ("_taff_session"). This is required to ensure that our server knows that you are logged in and other preferences.

We will be implementing a tracking cookie in the near future (most probably using Google Analytics), which will allow us to monitor which pages are accessed, on what kind of device and when. This data will allow us to improve the website for users, as we can focus on what people find the most important.

In addition, if you sign in using a third-party service (i.e., Google, Twitter or Facebook), they may store their own cookie on your device. We do not have control of or access to these cookies.


If you create an account on our website, we will store your name and email address in our database. We also store details about the providers (i.e., Google, Twitter, Facebook) and the Unique ID for your account with them. This can be deleted from your account page. If you sign up with a username or password, we also store that. The password is stored securely using a one-way encryption method.

All logs that we keep are anonymous and are not matched with your personal user details.