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Oxford University Theatre Technicians and Designers

Hire Equipment

TAFF has availible a selection of common hire equipment for low cost hire to student shows or events in Oxford. To enquire about pricing and availability, email the Hires Managers. We can also arrange low cost hire from students who own technical kit themselves. If you have any suggestions for equipment we should have, or would like advice on hiring equipment that we do not own, such as staging and radio mics, feel free to get in touch. We have a strong relationship with local hire suppliers, particularly Henley Theatre Services, who are also more than happy to advise on hires.


Collection of hires should take place during the opening hours of the Old Observatory. If absolutely necessary, collections can be organised outside these times with the hires managers with at least 48 hours' notice and for a £10 fee. The opening hours for term time (1st - 8th week) are:

Sunday: 3pm –  4pm

Monday: 4pm – 5pm

Friday: 9am – 10am


Our items are normally hired for a week at a time, but can be hired per day if needed for filming or purposes other than shows. Discounts are also available for multi-week hires. Please enquire for more details.


The TAFF gel collection is also freely available for use on shows if you're looking for a bit of spare gel, or indeed to gel a small show from it, on the understanding that any spare gel you do have afterwards comes back to the collection if it was bought on the production budget, and that it is not intended to provide all of the gel for a Playhouse or O'Reilly show, which are large enough that they should have a gel budget. We will also take a deposit before handing over the gel collection to ensure it is kept tidy and sorted. The deposit is returned at TAFF's discretion.


Deposits also apply to certain hire items, and can be applied to any hire at TAFF's discretion.


All hires are subject to our terms of hire, available here: Terms of Hire


Object Quantity Description Picture Price/Day (Each) Price/Week (Each)


Marton Atomic 3000 DMX Strobe

1 An incredibly powerful and very bright strobe light, which can be used in low or high power mode. Capable of acting as a blinder, or a strobe at a rate of 0-65 flashes per second, with DMX control, or manual control, the Atomic produces 3000W worth of light in a single flash.  It’s an industry-standard strobe that is incredibly bright, and is incomparable to many other strobes. Comes fitted with a 16A plug. 

Please check venue power supply or enquire before hiring.

£12 £30
Alphapack 3 2 A dimmer unit, fitted with a 13A plug and 3 15A sockets. This unit is controllable via 5-pin DMX, so can be used with the ETC Nomad/Gadget Package. Alternatively, the unit has a manual fader for each of the 3 channels, for stand-alone operation. £6 £15
ETC Nomad/Gadget Package 1 An ETC gadget and ETC Nomad. This item includes a USB-DMX(5-pin) adaptor (as seen pictured), and a USB dongle with Nomad software. This allows DMX lighting to be controlled from a laptop (not included!) £16 £40
Par16 "Birdies" 8

Small lights that can be dimmed, or plugged into the mains with adaptors. Can be used for lighting set pieces from the inside, or for practicals. Supplied on 15A plugs. Every 4th unit hired is free - if you hire 4, you'll only pay for 3, and if you hire 8, you'll only pay for 6.

£1.60 £4
PAR64 18 A larger version of the above! These come with various lamps (different lamps have different beam angles), and are all fitted with 15A plugs. They are a staple of the lighting industry and are used a lot in rock and roll. Some of these are currently in need of repair, so please enquire first. £2 £5
Par64 LED parcan 4 Ideal for lighting up bits of scenery or set colourfully, or adding flexable colourwashes to the smaller show. Can be operated independently but are best connected to a DMX lighting desk. Supplied on 13A plugs. £4 £10
Martin Mac 2000 Wash 2 High quality 1.2kW wash moving lights, ideal for that extra pizzazz for your event or show. Note that these are large, high quality professional fixtures and require a DMX lighting desk to operate, and suitable rigging points for hanging them - Oxford Playhouse and the O'Reilly can support these, anywhere else will be assessed individually. Supplied with 16A plugs.


£80 for 4


£200 for 4

Martin Mac 2000 Profile 1 High quality 1.2kW profile mover. Note that this is a large, high quality professional fixture and requires a DMX lighting desk to operate, and suitable rigging points for hanging them - Oxford Playhouse and the O'Reilly can support this, anywhere else will be assessed individually. Supplied with 16A plugs. £40 £100
Unique 2.1 Hazer 2 DMX or standalone hazer with variable fan and pump. Capable of filling a medium sized theatre quite nicely but don't forget to isolate any smoke alarms! Full tank of fluid included - extra can be provided at cost. £10 £25
DMX adaptors   Various adaptors for converting between 3 and 5 pin DMX.   £0.40 £1
Power adaptors   Various power adaptors for converting between 16A, 15A, 13A and IEC - enquire.   £0.80 £2
Gobos   Various - enquire, normally B sized for Source 4s. TAFF will also sometimes buy gobos from productions at 50% of cost - enquire.   £0.80 £2
Projector - Acer P1287 1 1024x768 resolution projector, with VGA, composite and HDMI inputs - ideal for basic projection in the BT and the Pilch. Long VGA cable can be supplied, as can the Gyrolock mount for flying the projector safely. (Note that a deposit is required for this item) £10 £25
32" LCD TV 1 Large lightweight LCD TV, intended for use as a conductor video relay monitor. Can be flown safely with the Gyrolock mount. Accepts HDMI, VGA, SCART, S-Video or composite input.   £8 £20
TV mount 1 Mount with overlock clamp to fit TV.   £2 £5
Music Stands    
RAT Jazz Stand 20 These stands fold down so are easy to carry, but also have solid backs, so hold even large music very well. Order all 20, and they come in a convenient wheely flightcase. I'm not sure if "wheely" is a word. It should be. Image result for rat jazz stand £1 £2.50
Music Stand Light 20 These clip on to the stands above, but can also be hired separately, if you need to light your orchestra's stands. Perhaps they could also be used for things other than music stands. All supplied on 13 A plugs. £1 £2.50
Extension Leads 7

2 * 2m 4 way
3 * 5m 4 way
2 * 10m 4 way

All of these are in black and 13A. We will provide you with a sufficient number of these for free to power any stand lights you hire from a single 13A socket.* However, they can also be hired individually if you need an extension lead for something else.

* Whilst stocks last

£1 £2.50
Gyrolock mount 1 Flying mount suitable for flying the projector or TV from a standard bar. £2 £5
Cyc - 9.8x5.8m approx 1 White cyclorama with ties and conduit pocket - this cyc is sized exactly for the O'Reilly Theatre, but can be used elsewhere, Conduit and tensioning clips supplied. (Note that a deposit is needed for this item)   £10 £25