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Oxford University Theatre Technicians and Designers

How to: Post to TAFF

Central to the society is the mailing list, where you can post an email looking for crew, designers or technical help. It will be instantly sent directly to the several hundred members of the society. You do not need to be a member of the society to post or receive replies to your post, only if you actually want to receive all the posts to the list.

Do remember that emails are sent out automatically exactly as you send them in, so don't start your email by asking if we can send it out on the list - we already have! Please also do not email the list if you have questions about membership of TAFF, hiring TAFF equipment or props: in this case please contact the Secretary, Hires and Venues Rep, or the Prop Store Managers respectively.

Please do not click "Reply All" when responding to an email on the TAFF list: this will send your response to all of the members of the list, which is potentially embarrassing but also annoying, as other people tend to then click reply all to tell you not to click reply all, and we very quickly end up in an email storm.

If you get no response within a few days, don't be disheartened: there are not many technicians in Oxford, particularly for some roles, and people might be busy on another production team. Try also looking around OUDS, and posting on their online jobs board, or talking to some people you know from previous productions - they might not be able to do it, but they will probably know some other people they can ask!

A recommended format for emails to TAFF to ensure people read your email is as follows:


<<NAME OF SHOW>> is on in <<WEEK NUMBER>> OF <<TERM>> in the <<VENUE>>.

We are looking for:
to join our production team.


If you are interested in joining this <<INSERT EXCITING ADJECTIVES HERE>> show, contact <<NAME>> at <<OXFORD EMAIL ADDRESS>>



With all of that in mind, click here to open a new email to the list:


Post to the TAFF Mailing List!



JE/EW 21/06/13