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Oxford University Theatre Technicians and Designers

Production Management Guide

Production Manager

A production manager in Oxford student productions is effectively in charge of ensuring that all of the technical, dramatic, and design elements of a show come together in a safe and coherent manner.  They work very closely with the producer, and the tasks that each carries out varies considerably between productions. Some of the things a production manager may do are organising production meetings, collating paperwork from different departments (such as ground plans, construction plans, and rig plans), and liaising with venue technical staff to ensure that everyone knows what they need to know. The production manager is also in charge of producing a risk assessment for the production, and usually a production plan/schedule for show week (including a get-in plan).

More generally, the production manager is often the chief technical voice on the team, and works closely with the director and producer in order to ensure that the director’s vision can be created in a way that is technically feasible, whilst protecting the producer’s budget. There are many different ways to split up duties between production managers and producers, and the role differs wildly between venues and shows. However, what is generally true in all situations is that once show week begins and you’re in the space, the production manager is in charge of the running of the production.