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Oxford University Theatre Technicians and Designers

Video/AV Guide

Role Descriptions:

Video Designer

Like the Sound and Lighting designers, the Video Designer occupies a role that is at once artistic and also technical. They are responsible for the production and playback of any video or live camera elements in the show. They therefore might be more of a filmmaker who works outside of the theatre and brings finished video files to be transferred by a technician to project, or if the production requires much more live camera work and video mapping the Designer may be more of a technical specialist. Like other Design roles they are responsible for their department, both the creative and technical aspects and their budget. Be aware that although in Oxford the O’Reilly has a relatively high amount of video infrastructure and equipment (multiple projectors and cameras, video cabling, splitters, switchers and video outputs from the installed QLab system) other theatres do not have as much, and high quality video equipment can be extremely expensive to hire.


Video/AV Technician

Putting a video system together can be very complex, involving many different types of signals, cables, resolutions and programming of systems like QLab. If there is lots of work to do or the designer is more experienced in filmmaking and editing than technical work in the theatre, a Video Technician who can assist in these matters is crucial. They might be rigging and cabling projectors, monitors, cameras, playback computers and any other equipment used in the video signal chain.

Note that as described on the Sound guide page, non-show video such as conductor relay and video relay to the band often ends up the responsibility of the sound department - who is doing what should be agreed early!


Video/AV Operator

The Video Operator actually operates the playback computer or video mixer during the show, often under the direction of a DSM. This role is often combined with a sound operator role if both sound and video playback are coming from the same computer.