TAFF Committee 2020/21

The TAFF committee offices are: President, Treasurer, Secretary, Social Secretary, Welfare Officer, Hires Manager, Other Societies Representative, Freshers and Training Representative, and Senior Member. The committee is assisted by a Webmaster/IT officer.


The TAFF committee are here to assist any member of the society with any shows or problems they are working on, please do email them if you would like any advice or assistance. If you are looking for guidance on a particular role please look at our role guides, or contact one of our role advisors.


We are also always grateful for suggestions of socials or workshops that you would like to be run, please contact the appropriate committee members if you have any ideas.


​Email addresses are in the form [office]@tabsareforflying.co.uk

The incumbent O'Reilly Theatre Technician, University Drama Officer, and Pilch Studio Manager are granted a standing invitation to attend committee meetings in an advisory capacity, but do not have voting rights. 

The Senior Member of TAFF is Prof. Kirsten Shephard-Barr

Role Advisors

The committee welcome queries of any sort relating to technical theatre and design. The following committee members have volunteered to be the point of contact for questions relating to specific departments. These contacts have been provided for your general information and should not be used to directly or indirectly find crew members for productions. If you are looking for someone to fill a certain role, please use the TAFF mailing list. For general queries, contact the current TAFF President, Harvey Dovell.

Lighting - Sam Morley
Sound - Andrew Orr
Stage Management - Mina Moniri
Set & Costume - Alice Penrose
Projection - Will Wikoff - william.wikoff[at]balliol.ox.ac.uk
Production Management - Harvey Dovell


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