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Oxford University Theatre Technicians and Designers

TAFF Training Day

Published by John Evans at 2015-04-20 10:07:59 UTC

Confused by cues? Baffled by backdrops? Puzzled by parcans? No longer!

Once again TAFF, the Oxford University society for Theatre Technicians and Designers, will be running a technical theatre training day in the O’Reilly Theatre on Sunday of 1st Week. The schedule can be found below; all the sessions will be at a level accessible both to beginners and those with previous technical experience, and will cover skills that are useful not only in the O’Reilly, but in other venues such as the BT Studio and Oxford Playhouse.


10:00 - 11:30 Introduction to Lighting Design
11:30 - 13:00 Design and Draughting
13:00 - 14:30 Lunch
14:30 - 15:00 Q&A with the University Drama Officer
15:00 - 16:30 Stage Combat
16:30 - 17:30 Production Management 101
17:30 onwards Tea, Cake and Conversation


Introduction to Lighting Design

Rather than focussing on the technical aspect of lighting, this workshop looks at what qualities of light we can control, and how we might use them to best effect in performance. We’ll look at some basic concepts, and then try and put them into action on a mini-rig – using some rather cute scale lanterns! There will also be opportunity for discussion, so feel free to bring along current plans to get some ideas. Primarily suitable for existing and aspiring lighting designers, but directors, designers, producers and anyone harbouring an interest might also find this workshop of use.

Design and Draughting

Every good design needs accurate scale diagrams! This workshop is an introduction to drawing accurate designs and diagrams for bids and for construction. We’ll introduce you to methods for making diagrams such as stage plans, set designs, fly plots and lighting designs to scale either on paper or on a computer using CAD (computer aided design) software, and show examples of previous design diagrams along with how they actually looked on stage to help you avoid common pitfalls.


This needs little explanation, other than that we will head out as a group to a pub for lunch with anybody who'd like to join, but there is no obligation to do so! Venue TBC.

Q&A with the University Drama Officer

Ellie Keel will be here to talk through her role as University Drama Officer and how she and the Cameron Mackintosh Foundation can support you in your productions, from college shows to the Oxford Playhouse. In an informal Q&A session, feel free to come along and ask any questions you may have both creative and technical about theatre across the university and how to get more involved.

Stage Combat

What makes a ‘good’ fight scene? And how do you create one on stage? This workshop is an introduction for directors, actors, and designers to the basic techniques and principles of stage combat. It will cover a number of strategies for planning and managing combat sequences, including the relationship between fight choreography and set, costume, lighting, and sound design, and the role of a fight director – when you might need one, what they can do, and how to find one. On the practical side, it will also cover a selection of the most commonly required techniques for unarmed combat.

Production Management 101

An overview of the role of Production Manager in Oxford productions, including the responsibilities associated with the role and working relationships with other members of the crew, in particular the Producer. This workshop will be structured as a panel discussion to which all are invited, whether you are already a production manager, planning to become one, or if you are just interested in the role.

Tea, Cake and Conversation

This is your chance to enjoy a drink, some cake, and get to know other people in Oxford Drama including the new 2015/2016 TAFF Committee. This is also an opportunity to ask any burning questions you have about drama whether they be related to the workshops or not!

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